Setup Instructions

Congratulations on receiving your new Pocket Prey!
You are now the proud owner of the best and most portable patented game call on the market.

Getting your Pocket Prey ready for action is a snap.

Follow these directions and you will be putting predators in your lap in no time.

  1. Open your Pocket Prey Shipping Box

    Pocket Prey Shipping Box Open

  2. Slide open the 9V battery compartment on the back side of the unit (9V battery not included)

    Pocket Prey 9V Battery Cover Open

  3. Locate the 9V battery lead

    Pocket Prey 9V Battery Lead

  4. Connect your favorite 9V battery to the lead (we highly recommend Lithium 9V for maximizing use time) and close the cover

    Pocket Prey Lithium 9V Battery
    Pocket Prey 9V Lithium Battery In

  5. Press the On/Off switch on the top of the unit and look for a red light, indicating your Pocket Prey has power

    Pocket Prey Power On/Off Button

  6. Increase volume with the up arrow button

    Pocket Prey Volume Up Button

  7. Decrease the volume with the down arrow button

    Pocket Prey Volume Down Button

  8. Get out there and get some predators!

    Pocket Prey Works